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Toon Club’s Animation Program: Knock-Knock Lip Sync

Toon Club’s Animation Program  Toon Club’s Animation Program The class started off with a brief introduction to check to see what background the kids had with animation. Some time was then spent to give an intro to animation. We learned that animation is the art of movement to give life to objects. We also discussed everyone’s favorite animation movies, popular ...
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Cutout Animation and Storytelling Workshop – Day 5

cutout animation Today the students began to film their stories. After they finished making their cut outs of character and their backgrounds they position the characters to take the first photo. The students were instructed to move their cutouts very slightly and take another picture. They kept doing this slowly acting out their story and taking picture of each small movement. By ...

Storytelling through Animation – Workshop for Children

Storytelling Animation appeals to the kids as it’s a kind of wish fulfilment…kids love Watching Cartoons and Creating A Cartoon on their own would definitely be a dream come true. The kids’ lack of social inhibitions and self consciousness helps them to churn out ideas instantly and execute them fearlessly. The toon animation techniques and activities helped the kids to explore ideas ...
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Tell a story through animation!

Tell a Story! “Animation should be an art….what you fellows have done with it is making it into a trade….not an art, but a trade….bad luck .” Thus Winsor McCay, father of the animated cartoon, pronounced the doom of the very industry he had inadvertently helped create. The instructor, Ms Tehzeeb Khurana, a celebrated Animations Director with over 15 years of experience, ...