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Art of Animation and Storytelling: Chalkboard Animation : Grade 2-5 (Day 3)

Today the kids were going to learn more about chalk board animation. The goal for today was to create an animation on the chalkboard and then transform it into a digital version. The setup: The classroom was set up with a camera and a chalkboard to capture and draw animations. Students had to draw the same theme and images from ...
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Art of Animation and Storytelling (Autumn Workshop Day 1)

“Making something non-movable move,” replied one of the students, when asked what they think animation is. With this began the exploration of the art of animation and storytelling for middle school students at Intersession. The 5-days workshop focuses on developing young animators for chalkboard animation. At the end of the workshop, students will be done with two individual animations and ...
Chalkboard animation

Art of Animation and Storytelling: Chalkboard Animation : Grade 2-5 (Day 1) Autumn 2015

In this week long workshop students will learn about the basics of animation – intro and history, and finally be able to create their own animation and make a storyboard around it. Introduction to Animation: The class started with students sharing out their favorite animation and cartoon characters. The instructor tested students on what they already knew. They then collectively agreed upon ...