Art of Animation and Storytelling (6-8 grade): Day 3- Autumn-1 2015

After an exciting introduction to chalkboard animation on Day 1 and 2, students started Day 3 by watching the first draft of two animation videos made by students. The workshop was beautifully differentiated so that each student could progress with his/her own pace, at the same time, remain engaged all the time.

After a quick review to the history and concept of animation covered on Day 1, the class collectively reviewed their goal for the workshop.

Next, the facilitator discussed the status with each student and accordingly assigned work. While one student worked on his chalkboard animation, two others were asked to review their story board before they could move on to chalkboard. The other two students, who had finished their first draft of animation worked on creating their Thaumatrope.

As they finished one assignment, students kept moving to next animation tool. In next two days, each student will finish at least one animation film and as a group, a combined film.


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