Art of Animation and Storytelling (Grade 6 to 9) & (Grade 3 to 5) – Day 3

  After an exciting introduction to “What is Animation? Frames Concept and Persistence of Vision”, students spent day 2 & 3 learning to create 2 frame walk-cycle animations on Flipbooks. They went on to learn Key Frames – In between and made progress to 16 and 8 frame walk-cycle animation.

Student were very excited when introduced to the Animation Light table and learnt about peg bars, animation paper etc. They went on to learn how to create a character, create 4 key frames, create depth and add in the be tweens. Grade 6 to 9 students used animation light table to create 16 frame walk-cycle looping animation, while Grade 3 to 5 students learnt to create 8 frame walk-cycle looping animation.

The workshop was beautifully differentiated so that each student could progress with his/her own pace, at the same time, remain engaged all the time.

Students got to learn more about animation by watching a video on the first Walt Disney production.

In next two days, grade 6 to 9 will complete the 16 frame animation, create a painting background and a surprise gag and the grade 3 to 5 will complete the 8 frame animation, create a painting background and a surprise gag.


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