summer art workshops in Mumbai summer art workshops in mumbai

Art of Animation and Storytelling – Day 1

Making something non-movable move,” replied one of the students, when asked what they think animation is. With this began the exploration of the art of animation and storytelling for the many students at Intersession.

The goal of the 5-days workshop is to develop young animators for chalkboard animation. At the end of the workshop, students will be done with two individual animations and one group animation.

Day 1 started with a brief introduction on animation and history of this art. The facilitator invoked existing knowledge of students by asking if they would know which is the first cartoon film ever. Students excitedly shared all they knew about the world of animation. Later they watched Enchanted Drawing (1900) and Dinosaur’s movie.

From here, students moved on to learning about various instruments/methods used for animation and concepts such as persistence of vision. The class learnt about Praxinoscope, Phenakistoscope and Flip-book as ways of animation used before films came into existence.

In the last part of the day, the group had two tasks at hand:

  • Create a Flip-book
  • Think of a story and create a gag.

It was refreshing to see how the young students fearlessly asked questions. The facilitator guided the kids throughout their session and helped them to solve their queries and giving answer to satisfy their curiosity. All in all the session was filled with fun, curiosity and enthusiasm.


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