bird fly animation bird fly animation

Bird Fly Animation 12:30 – 15:00 Grade:Grade 3 – Grade 5




bird fly animation

bird fly animationAnimation – a process of making the illusion of motion. Students at this weeks Bird Fly Animation session became familiar to the concept and history of animation. They learnt about frames and how they work to get an image moving. This was further illustrated with a concept called the ‘Persistence of Vision’. Many examples were shown to the students to help understand this concept.

The students created a Thaumatrope and learnt about its invention made in 1825 by John A. Paris. They also created the Phenakistoscope and its invention made by Joseph Plateau in 1832. The students learnt about the Zoetrope and Praxinoscope, they created a Kineograph thats called a ‘Flip book’ that was invented by John Barnes Linnett in 1868. The students watched the 1st cartoon ever made in 1900 called ‘The Enchanted Drawing’. They also watched ‘Gertie the Dinosaur’ created in 1914 by The Father of Animation – Winsor Mccay.bird fly animation

The students animated a seaweed, dogs tail and a lady’s hair using the waves principle. They created a flying bird animation movie using concepts of animation, its principle and a tool called the ‘Animation Light Table’. The waves principle consist of the 14 steps that gives a perfect animation effect to any image.

Lastly, an exciting and fun filled session came to an end with having students watch the first cartoon movie with sound called the STEAMBOAT WILLIE created by Walt Disney in the year 1928.


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