IDC (IIT Powai) speaker at IIT

Speaker at IDC (IIT Powai) Event

I often wonder if Toon Club fits into the run-of-the-mill “Classes For Kids”. Does it belong in the same category as any other regular “Summer Activity for Kids” or “Vacation Classes for Children”

I have always believed that Toon Club doesn’t belong in the regular category. Even in the space “Animation Classes For Children”, we are set apart by what we do and how we go about it. Most of the Classes Teaching Animation To Children are merely teaching Computer Animation. All they do is teach children the commands of the software. Nothing more! They don’t Teach Children Storytelling, neither do they Teach Children the fundamental Principles of Animation. The Principles of Animation were designed by Disney and his Nine Old Men. Animators till date apply these fundamental Principles of Animations and this includes those using computers to create animations. Computers is just a tool, just like your paper and pencil. It cannot create animations on its own. Thus it’s imperative to have knowledge of the basics.

Last week, 9th June 2017, we got invited by IDC (IIT Powai) to give a talk on “Stories about Storytelling” at their annual “Design and Degree Show”. One of the reasons for starting Toon Club was to give children a platform to tell their stories through the medium of animation. Children have either worked individually on the stories or have collaborated on projects. They have even created stories by collaborating on ideas and thoughts.

Toon Club journey has been fulfilling and immensely satisfying especially when we see the end product of the films created by our students.


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