Toon Club History Toon Club History

History of Toon Club

History of Toon Club

We began Toon Club’s Animation Workshops For Kids way back in 2003. Our first batch of kids came to us in the October Diwali Vacations that year. In the first round itself we had 26 enrollments. Yes that was a spectacular response for our launch. We divided these kids in 3 batches, which means we had Classes running through the day.

The Children had a blast and signed up for more animation. The next program we designed was Toon Shorts. Children made their own Short Animation Films. Four unique Animation Films Created By Children in this course were – The Man and His Zoo, Man’s Best Friend?, The Button and Learning is Fun.

In 2004, one of our students joined a new school Ecole Mondiale World School. The school was one of its kind with the best faculty, infrastructure and facilities. Our student shared the film she created at Toon Club with the Principal of the School, Mr. Ken Jarman. He immediately got in touch with us and Voila! Since then Toon Club’s Animation Classes For Kids has become an integral part of the school Art curriculum.

Toon Club History


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