Our long-standing relationships with Schools

We at Toon Club, have had long-lasting relationships with several schools. We often wonder why these bonds have been so strong. Perhaps the reason for this firm association has been our mutual appreciation for high standards and quality in art education, exchange of ideas and learnings, and a constant desire for growth in our own respective areas of work.

The schools we have worked with have always encouraged us to re-invent. Nothing is ever repeated and everything is integrated in the school curriculum. This keeps us on our toes. As we face new challenges, we learn; and as we learn, we grow. It’s an exciting journey and sometimes we feel that the challenges we face end up benefitting us by taking us to the next level. This makes us immensely grateful to the schools, the art teachers and of course students we work with.

There are a few specific individuals that deserve a mention here. They are the ones who have believed in us, encouraged us and unknowingly and selflessly helped us in every step of our fifteen year long journey. Ken Jarman (Ex-Principal, Ecole Mondiale World School) picked up the phone and called us over to meet him and his team. His team including Kavita Sukhani (ex-head of Art Department, Ecole Mondiale World School).

Kavita was the one who took things forward from there and was instrumental in making Animation a part of the art curriculum. She and her team, including Shamal Sarfare and Varinder Vartak, supported and worked in tandem with Toon Club to make the art program at Ecole Mondiale World School, an exclusive and fascinating experience for students. Films by students, that culminated from this team work, have travelled to different parts of the world through festivals and won appreciation and accolades.

Toon Club’s experience at other schools (American School of BombayOberoi International School etc) have given us an opportunity to work in spaces with various visions, curriculums and methodologies. This makes us feel like chameleons who blend in and design programs tailored to the requirements of different schools.

In short, working with schools has been a learning experience and which is something we’ll always be grateful for.


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