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Best summer vacation workshop to creatively engage children

With the soaring temperatures and the long summer vacation ahead, most parents in Mumbai find it difficult to keep children constructively occupied and yet away from their electronic gadgets and devices. Children are addicted to their phones, play stations, iPads and Television. Gone are the days where children read, played board games or kept themselves busy creating art and craft at best summer workshophome.

With parents inundated with information about vacation workshops in Mumbai and activities for children, here’s one that stands apart from the rest of the clutter.

A few institutes in India claim to teach animation to children, however what they end up teaching is the software and its command. Something that kids these days are smart enough to figure out and learn on their own.

This is what makes us unique in the Animation Education space. We teach children the art of movement with focus on visual storytelling, principles of animation and application of laws of physics and mathematics. In short, we focus on teaching children the fundamentals of animation.

An analogy I often share with parents – what can one do with photoshop if one can’t paint on a canvas?

This is exactly why we can conveniently claim that we are the ONLY animation workshop for kids in India teaching children the history of animation along with varied techniques of animation including hand-drawn (cel animation), clay animation, sand animation, rotoscopy, cut-out animation, pixilation, silhouette animation etc). This coupled with skills of storytelling.

We are also considered one of the best in the world, a claim we justify by the number of International awards (23 so far) and accolades we have won for the films created by our students. We have received positive reviews from festival directors from around the summer workshop

Here’s one from Jacqueline Cosgrove, Festival Director, KidzFlicks, the Sydney International Festival of Films by Children, Bardic Studio “Such a wonderful opportunity for children from people who really understand how kids’ filmmaking works best.”

Our Summer Workshops for kids have a fascinating mix of history, principles and techniques of animation which will enhance their creative thinking skills, presentation skills, storytelling skills. This channelises their energy in the right direction and keeps them creatively and constructively occupied.

Our small batch sizes allows for individual guidance and supervision; and also allows kids to interact and learn from their peers.

Enroll your child as a participant in an award-winning program. Enroll now! Limited seats. For registration and details do visit –

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