Toon Club is Globe Trotting!

We’ve been continent hopping. Our collaborations with Children’s Art Centre in Poznan (Poland) & Festival Anim!Arte, Brazil are 2 chips on our shoulder. Just when we thought we’d uncork the champagne, yet another collab Punto Y Raya Junior Festival, Spain came up. Did you know it’s the ONLY festival that is dedicated to abstract animation films created by children and young adults?

Actually, we had collaborated with PyR Junior in 2019 too. Sigh! Miss those carefree pre-pandemic days!

Back then, we had two in-person abstract animation workshops. Children learnt how to create animations without a camera using register rolls. Intriguing huh? Don’t believe me? See the films here: Mission Fine LineThe Line King

Mission Fine Line won an Honourable Mention Award at PyR Junior 2019.

Watch ‘Behind the Scenes’ of Mission Fine Line & The Line King 

Teaching animation online is challenging and a lot of pre-planning. But we rolled up our sleeves and designed two unique workshops for PyR Junior 2021, navigating our kids through the process of creating abstract animation films. And also how to throw in their own sound & music.

One of the workshops was designed and conducted by Farha Alam, an extremely creative stop-motion animation filmmaker who specialises in recycled art. Her workshop was inspired by the works of Bridget Riley, the pioneer behind optical art. Children animated with thin Bamboo/Wooden sticks to create beautiful patterns and designs with a sense of rhythm, motion and even music!

The second workshop was conducted by our Founder Tehzeeb Khurana. Her workshop was inspired by the Pioneer of Abstract art Wassily Kandinsky. She also taught children to create abstract animation & patterns with a Kaleidoscope.

More about the Two workshops here: Drawing with Lines & Moving Paintings

We now have our fingers & toes crossed for the festival verdict 😊


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