Toon Club workshop at Anim!Arte Festival, Brazil

Though the pandemic and worldwide lockdown has been devastating and largely a depressing phase, some of us have found a silver lining to this dark cloud in online collaborations. The world has become a much smaller place than ever before. In the process, there is a lot of exchange of ideas, sharing and learning.

In 2020, we were approached by Children’s Art Centre, Poznan to create an online animation program where children from India and Poland could work together on a common animation project.

A month ago, International Student Animation Festival of Brazil Anim!Arte, Brazil approached us to create an online animation workshop for children across the globe.

Anim!Arte Festival is offering this workshop along with animation workshops by Educators from different parts of the world, free & open to all. Check out list of free workshops available at Festival Anim!Arte here:

Subsequently, children would be invited to create animation films and the best films will be published on the Festival website & social media. A truly interconnected global idea, perfect for our times. How could we refuse!?

So we created a tutorial for the workshop. Something simple that children could explore and execute in the safe confines of their home. This online tutorial is now live and will be available on Anim!Arte Festival website, streamed by the Kinow platform (recognized worldwide for hosting the online format of Annecy Festival (France)) from 24th May to 13th June.

So heart-warming to see the world coalesce and work together in these pandemic times!





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