cartoon filmmaking classes


  1. Special Jury recognition award 2007 (ASIFA-India)
  2. ABAI- Make a Difference Award 2015 (ABAI Fest, India)
  3. Honour for: Unique Contribution to Animation Industry 2016 (Orbit Live)
  1. LEARNING IS FUN: Special Recognition Award 2008 (ANIFEST Praque)
  2. LEARNING IS FUN: Special Jury recognition award 2009 (Anifest India)
  3. CHILDREN OF THE WORLD: Special Jury Recognition Award 2013 (FICCI Frames Best Animation Films BAF, India)
  4. CHILDREN OF THE WORLD: BLUE VAFI (2nd Prize) 2013 (VAFI 4 Film Festival, Croatia, in association with UNICEF and Croatia Office for Children’s Rights)
  5. FOR THE LOVE OF A CAT: A Golden Plaque Award – Second Prize Best Little Director 2013 (18th International Children’s Film Festival India ICFFI or CFSI’s Golden Elephant Festival)
  6. FOR THE LOVE OF A CAT: Special Jury Award 2014 (FICCI BAF, India)
  7. CIGI: 3rd Prize, Youth Jury Award 2014 (Anim!Arte, Brazil)
  8. LOST IN SMOKE: 3rd Prize, Best film: Asia 2014 (Anim!Arte, Brazil)
  9. CIGI: 2nd Prize, Best Film: Asia 2014 (Anim!Arte, Brazil)
  10. LOST IN SMOKE: 1st Prize, Audience Choice Award 2014 (Anim!Arte, Brazil)
  11. THE COOLEST MAGICIAN: Special Jury Award 2015 (Anifest, The Animation Society of India (TASI))
  12. ERASER DUDE: Special Jury Award 2015 (Anifest, The Animation Society of India (TASI))
  13. KNOCK KNOCK! WHO’s THERE?: 1st Prize- Best Film Asia 2016 (Anim! Arte, Brazil)
  14. BUSY BUGS: Winner 3rd Price: Best Film Asia 2017 (Anim!Arte, Brazil)
  15. STOP DEFORESTATION: Winner 1st Price: Best Film Asia in the International Mini Category 2017 (Anim!Arte, Brazil)
  16. ANIMAL ABUSE: Special Jury Award 2018 (TASI’s Anifest India)
  17. GET ALIVE!: Special Jury Award 2018 (TASI’s Anifest, India)
  18. ANIMAL ABUSE: Special Jury Award 2019 (FICCI BAF, India)
  19. THE FAST & THE FURRY: Winner- 2nd Place, International Students Mini, Best Film-Asia 2018 (Anim!Arte – International Student Animation Festival of Brazil)
  20. EGYPTIAN CLANS: Winner- 1st Place, International Students Mini, Best Film-Asia 2018 (Anim!Arte – International Student Animation Festival of Brazil)
  21. MISSION FINE LINE: Honourable Mention Award 2019 (Punto Y Raya (PyR Junior), Poland)
  22. CHILDREN OF THE WORLD: Excellence Prize 2019 (1st Seoul International Public Service AD Festival, IPAF, Seoul)
  23. CLEAN & GREEN: Special Mention Award 2019  (TASI’s Anifest India)
  24. OUT OF THE FRAME: Award Winner 2019 (Children’s Rights Festival, Lebanon)
  25. CLEAN & GREEN: 1st Prize in the School Students category 2019 (‘’MoEF&CC Short Film Competition and Festival 2019’” CMS VATAVARAN Festival, India)
  26. MORPHING TALES: Senior Jury Award 3-7 at Corti A Ponte, Venice 2020
  27. OUT OF THE FRAME: BLUE VAFI 2nd prize, VAFI & RAFI Festival, Croatia, 2020
  28. OUT OF THE FRAME: Special Mention (MIDI), VAFI & RAFI Festival, Croatia, 2020
  29. CLEAN & GREEN: Special Jury Award, FICCI BAF (Best Animation Films), India 2020

Animal Abuse

- Officially selected at DYTIATKO International Children’s Television Festival, Ukraine 2018 - Special Jury Mention Award at TASI's Anifest 2018 (Student Category, TASI Viewer's Choice Awards TVCA) - Special Jury Award at FICCI BAF 2019 (student category) - Official Selection in INDIAN PANAROMA section of CMS' International Children's Film Festival ICFF, Lucknow, India 2019