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A Cut-out Animation Workshop at Prince of Wales Museum

An Exciting Phase in the life of Toon Club. We have just bagged our dream project with Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (Prince of Wales Museum). The Museum is launching Mumbai City’s FIRST Children’s Museum – For the Children, By the Children. Which means children curate the exhibits and are involved in every possible way. For this purpose, the Museum conducted a few ...
Accolades Galore

Accolades Galore at Toon Club

The last couple of months has been an eventful period for us Toon Club-ites. Our films have been Officially selected at almost 10 festivals across the world- 5 (Stop Deforestation, The Coolest Magician, Egyptian Clans, Amazing Animals, Mr. Grumpledump’s Song) at Paris International Animation Film Festival (PIAFF), 2 (Stop Deforestation, Every Child Matters) at Animasyros International Animation Festival- Agora, Greece and 1 (The Coolest Magician) at Noe Valley Girls Film Festival, ...
speaker at IIT

Speaker at IDC (IIT Powai) Event

I often wonder if Toon Club fits into the run-of-the-mill “Classes For Kids”. Does it belong in the same category as any other regular “Summer Activity for Kids” or “Vacation Classes for Children” I have always believed that Toon Club doesn’t belong in the regular category. Even in the space “Animation Classes For Children”, we are set apart by what we ...
bird fly animation

Bird Fly Animation 12:30 – 15:00 Grade:Grade 3 – Grade 5

      Animation - a process of making the illusion of motion. Students at this weeks Bird Fly Animation session became familiar to the concept and history of animation. They learnt about frames and how they work to get an image moving. This was further illustrated with a concept called the ‘Persistence of Vision’. Many examples were shown to the students to ...
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Art of Animation and Storytelling – Day 3

Art of Animation and Storytelling storytelling workshop The Art of Animation and Storytelling learnt over the past 2 days had some in-depth learning outcomes for these curious and motivated young learners. Over the 4th and 5th day the students worked on finishing the last few frames and adding final touches. The kids colored their characters and backgrounds. The last session of ...
animation workshop for children in mumbai

Animation Frames and Persistence of Vision

  After an exciting introduction to “What is Animation? Frames Concept and Persistence of Vision”, students spent day 2 & 3 learning to create 2 frame walk-cycle animations on Flipbooks. They went on to learn Key Frames – In between and made progress to 16 and 8 frame walk-cycle animation. Student were very excited when introduced to the Animation Light ...
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Art of Animation and Storytelling – Day 1

Making something non-movable move,” replied one of the students, when asked what they think animation is. With this began the exploration of the art of animation and storytelling for the many students at Intersession. The goal of the 5-days workshop is to develop young animators for chalkboard animation. At the end of the workshop, students will be done with two ...
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Art of Animation and Storytelling (Autumn Workshop Day 3)

Art of animation and storytelling Art of animation and storytelling After an exciting introduction to chalkboard animation on Day 1 and 2, students started Day 3 by watching the first draft of two animation videos made by students. The workshop was beautifully differentiated so that each student could progress with his/her own pace, at the same time, remain engaged ...
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Art of Animation and Storytelling: Chalkboard Animation

The chalkboard animation learnt over the past days had some in-depth learning outcomes for these curious and motivated young learners: Gaining an understanding of the frame by frame animation process Making things move in different ways through play and experimentation. To use and put into practice some of the basic principles of animation. To attempt some characterization ...