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Mumbai Workshop for Kids

Adding Animation to STEM gathers STEAM

While India has been extremely strong in pedagogical education, we have been by and large languishing in the Arts domain. Consider this - most inventions of the 20th century have taken place in the west where art, creativity and out of the box thinking is actively encouraged at a very young age. Fortunately, with the introduction of IB curriculum in India, ...
FICCI Baf Award

Our Third FICCI BAF Award is our 21st Award!

Our students have won their 3rd FICCI BAF award! yayyyyyy:) All 3 FICCI BAFs have been won by our students at Ecole Mondiale World School. We won our first FICCI BAF in 2013 for the film created by 5th Grade students. It was on Child Rights 'CHILDREN OF THE WORLD' This hand-drawn animation film then went on the win the BLUE ...
Animation at Oberoi International School

Oberoi International School’s Art Exhibition MOMENTUM

The inauguration ceremony of the annual Art Exhibition 'MOMENTUM' by my Diploma Program (DP or Grade 12) students (Visual Arts Class of 2019) at Oberoi International School was completely out of the box! They screened their Rotoscopy Animation film created under Toon Club guidance just after the ceremonious lighting of the candle and before the unveiling of their fascinating art creations. Each ...
educational workshops for students

Our long-standing relationships with Schools

We at Toon Club, have had long-lasting relationships with several schools. We often wonder why these bonds have been so strong. Perhaps the reason for this firm association has been our mutual appreciation for high standards and quality in art education, exchange of ideas and learnings, and a constant desire for growth in our own respective areas of work. The schools ...
bird fly animation

Bird Fly Animation 12:30 – 15:00 Grade:Grade 3 – Grade 5

      Animation - a process of making the illusion of motion. Students at this weeks Bird Fly Animation session became familiar to the concept and history of animation. They learnt about frames and how they work to get an image moving. This was further illustrated with a concept called the ‘Persistence of Vision’. Many examples were shown to the students to ...
workshop for children in mumbai

Art of Animation and Storytelling – Day 3

Art of Animation and Storytelling storytelling workshop The Art of Animation and Storytelling learnt over the past 2 days had some in-depth learning outcomes for these curious and motivated young learners. Over the 4th and 5th day the students worked on finishing the last few frames and adding final touches. The kids colored their characters and backgrounds. The last session of ...
animation workshop for children in mumbai

Animation Frames and Persistence of Vision

  After an exciting introduction to “What is Animation? Frames Concept and Persistence of Vision”, students spent day 2 & 3 learning to create 2 frame walk-cycle animations on Flipbooks. They went on to learn Key Frames – In between and made progress to 16 and 8 frame walk-cycle animation. Student were very excited when introduced to the Animation Light ...
summer art workshops in mumbai

Art of Animation and Storytelling – Day 1

Making something non-movable move,” replied one of the students, when asked what they think animation is. With this began the exploration of the art of animation and storytelling for the many students at Intersession. The goal of the 5-days workshop is to develop young animators for chalkboard animation. At the end of the workshop, students will be done with two ...
educational and fun workshops for kids in mumbai

Art of Animation and Storytelling (Autumn Workshop Day 3)

Art of animation and storytelling Art of animation and storytelling After an exciting introduction to chalkboard animation on Day 1 and 2, students started Day 3 by watching the first draft of two animation videos made by students. The workshop was beautifully differentiated so that each student could progress with his/her own pace, at the same time, remain engaged ...