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FICCI Baf Award

Our Third FICCI BAF Award is our 21st Award!

Our students have won their 3rd FICCI BAF award! yayyyyyy:) All 3 FICCI BAFs have been won by our students at Ecole Mondiale World School. We won our first FICCI BAF in 2013 for the film created by 5th Grade students. It was on Child Rights 'CHILDREN OF THE WORLD' This hand-drawn animation film then went on the win the BLUE ...

Our long-standing relationships with Schools

We at Toon Club, have had long-lasting relationships with several schools. We often wonder why these bonds have been so strong. Perhaps the reason for this firm association has been our mutual appreciation for high standards and quality in art education, exchange of ideas and learnings, and a constant desire for growth in our own respective areas of work. The schools ...

Toon Club History

We began Toon Club's Animation Workshops For Kids way back in 2003. Our first batch of kids came to us in the October Diwali Vacations that year. In the first round itself we had 26 enrollments. Yes that was a spectacular response for our launch. We divided these kids in 3 batches, which means we had Classes running through the ...