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Q: What is Animation?

A: Animation is the art of movement. Animation is a combination of art, aesthetics and skills.

Q: What are the TOON CLUB workshops all about?

A: This is an animation course designed along International lines for children in the age group of 7-16 years. The course will delve into various topics ranging from History of Animation, creating animations using various devices, understanding simple laws of physics and finally creating their own short movie (story-telling).

Q: Why animation? What are the learning outcomes and how will TOON CLUB benefit my child’s growth?

A: Research shows that children’s understanding of Animation Logic, or how animation works, goes hand in hand with concepts learned at each grade level. These include:

  • STEAM: STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, ARTS, Mathematics. World over, many Educational Institutions and Schools are discovering the importance STEAM over STEM. Keeping Arts and Art Education at the core of imparting complex concepts of other subjects like Maths, Science, Geography, English Language etc.
  • The Arts: Aesthetic principles of design, composition, contrast and visual symbols.
  • Motor skills: hand-eye coordination and the ability to repeat a drawing
  • Creative Writing: Principles of storytelling, story structure, characters and settings help children express themselves and experiment.
  • Science: scientific principles of visual perception, cameras and projection technology.
  • Physics: Laws of movement, persistence of vision, velocity, gravity and metamorphosis are also complex ideas that come into play when children are having their experience of creating animation. This is when they begin to apply the laws of the natural world to their animation.

Q: Is this a Computer Animation course?

A: No. This is a traditional animation course using drawings, clay and other media. Besides the arts and aesthetics of animation, it will also teach them laws of physics and the technical information on making animation films. Computers will be used as a tool to compile the creations, rather than to create it. 

Q: My child does not have any creative streak/genes in him. Is the course suitable for him/her?

A: Animation is a skill and learning which can be acquired. All children are creative, they just need to be encouraged.

Q: Does my child require drawing skills?

A: Definitely not. Animation is not an art of drawing, but an art of movement that has to be drawn.

Q: Is my child too young for this course?

A: The activities in the course are designed taking into account the child’s age. Therefore, the exercises given to the children vary in levels as per their age. As per research, (age 7 upwards) children can redraw similar images with slight modifications for at least four-six pages, which is the minimum pre-requisite to do some of the sessions.