best workshops for children in bandra

“All films were special but these films gave us immense joy – and a lump in the throat – for the medium was used as an instrument of social change. So richly deserved Tehzeeb Khurana”
Mr Biren GhosePresident of ABAI

“Such a wonderful opportunity for children from people who really understand how kids filmmaking works best.”
Jacqueline CosgroveFestival DirectorKidzFlicks, the Sydney International Festival of Films by ChildrenBardic Studio

“Toon Club has provided opportunities for our students to gain an insight into the animation process. The participation is enthusiastic with fantastic results. This is a worthwhile activity which we intend to continue as part of our elective program.”
Marlene Sewell, Head of Middle School and Junior High, Ecole Mondiale World School

“You and your company do great work, we watched the demos from you web-site they are wonderful. You have some very brilliant children. Great work, you have some outstanding talent there. Keep up the great work.”
Gary Phillips, Wikkistix, Omnicor Inc., USA

“To have a course where children can create & actually make their own film is a dream come true.”
Kavita Sukhani, Head of Art DepartmentEcole Mondiale World School

“The course is different & perfect! Take it to the next level.”
Deanne Panday, mother of Allana (8 yrs.), Owner at founder and director ‘Play Health and Fitness Pvt Ltd’

“The best thing to happen to my kid!”
Vibha Singh, mother of Tejasvi (7), Bollywood Script Writer for films like House Full, Kismat Konnection, Toh Baat Pakki, Dharm etc

“Excitement and pride in participants reflects the Toon Club team enthusiasm.”
Dr. Mala Kapadia, guardian of Yogendev (12), Festival Director 7Islands International Film Festival, Director and Founder, ‘Tame The Monkey’ Management Consultancy Organisation

Feroz Abbas Khan, parent of Maahir (12), Director of Bollywood feature “Gandhi My Father” and plays like “Tumhari Amrita” & “All the best”

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