Summer cartoon film making workshop

Announcing the FIRST ever ‘Collaborative Online Animation Project for Children in India & Poland’

Two Countries: India and Poland
Two Studios: Children’s Art Centre, Poznan & Toon Club
Two Workshops: Under the supervision of Miłosz Margański & Tehzeeb Khurana
Two Groups: each group: 5 Indian and 5 Polish kids

Group 1 (6:00pm IST)
Magic House:
Led by Miłosz Margański, University of Arts Poznan

Due to the fact that animation is the art of reviving, during the workshops we will learn together how to “revive” objects in our nearest surroundings. Is all we need a spoon and a fork to tell the immortal love story of Romeo and Juliet? Thanks to the use of stop-motion, everything that was previously a boring object of everyday use can become a hero of an exciting story. We will learn the secrets of classic animation techniques, and learn how to use our smartphone to become a real “wizard” of cinema. Let’s check together how little it takes to experience a real film adventure.
The participant’s task will be to familiarize themselves with the prepared educational material, and to use the techniques discussed in the film in independent experiments.

Materials required:
–     smartphone
–     selfie stick

Miłosz Margański – animator, deals with interactive film and virtual reality. From 2014 Head of the Animation Department at University of Arts Poznan

Group 2 (4:30pm IST)
Flip and Spin:

Led by Tehzeeb Khurana, Founder and Principal Faculty, Toon Club

Let’s learn the art of frame-by-frame handdrawn animation along with animation history, principles and new innovative techniques with materials at home. Yes, you don’t need expensive material and equipment to create an amazing animations!

All you need is old books, paper plates lying around the house along with abundance of creativity, whacky ideas, love for drawing, art, craft and some patience.

You will also learn to shoot your animation film with a smart phone. Each young artist will create their own individual animations. This will ensure complete hands on experience in the process and technique of animation.

Materials required:

  • smartphone
  • Old school note book, either used or blank
  • Pencils, erasers, protractor, ruler, 90 degree ruler, erasers, sharpeners
  • A stack of old books and a big flat spoon/spatula (wood or steel)
  • Cello tape & double sided tape
  • Crayons, Sketch pens, colour pencils
  • 12″ white paper plate (preferably with a flat base)

Toon Club is a pioneer in animation education for children in India and has won 32 International awards for animated films created by children

FEES: RS 8500/- ONLY

Bank Details:
Company Name: Toon Club
Address: 287, Surbala, 1st Floor, SV Road, Bandra west, Mumbai 400050
Bank name and Branch: Indian Bank, Bandra west, Mumbai
Current AC no: 985511639
IFSC code: IDIB000B007
Swift code: IDIBNBBBAN
Email: tehzeeb@toonclub.net

Applications should be sent by July 15 to: support@toonclub.net. 

The application must contain:

  • title of the chosen workshop
  • first and last name of the child
  • name of the parent / guardian
  • the age of the child. Date of Birth with age proof
  • Hi-Res close up photograph of participant
  • email and phone contact to the parent / guardian.

A child can participate in ONLY ONE workshop. 



Benefits for Students

Research shows that Animation appeals to multiple intelligences and a broad variety of learners. Creating a animation movie allows students to use their artistic and creative talents to communicate and tell a story.

  • Creative Writing and Language skills  are engaged while writing the script. Principles of storytelling, story structure, characters and settings help children express themselves and experiment.
  • Mathematical, logical, and spatial skills  are used in organizing the visual project, sequencing the frames, timing and spacing drawings.
  • Science and Physics: Children apply the laws of the natural world to their animation. Persistence of vision, cameras /projection technology, laws of movement, velocity, gravity and metamorphosis are scientific principles that children are exposed to while understanding the principles of animation.
  • Art and Creativity is encouraged when students draw and animate their stories applying aesthetic principles of design, composition, contrast and visual symbols.
  • Motor skills: hand-eye coordination and the ability to repeat a drawing.
  • Registration will be on first come first serve.
  • No booking of seat will be deemed confirmed till the full fee isn’t paid.
  • Cost includes all animation material.
  • Money once paid will not be refunded.
  • For registration of Toon In On Saturdays, advance payment of fee has to be paid at least 4 weeks prior to commencement of next module in order to book seat.
  • For Toon In on Saturdays program, prior intimation of 4 weeks is to be in case a child plans to take a break in the following module so that his/her seat can be filled up by another child.
  • Students need to be punctual and consistent in attending classes.
  • Minimum 3 day prior notice has to be given if a child plans to miss a turn.
  • Topic missed shall not be covered.
  • 1 week prior notice has to be given if your child needs to re-schedule class. Re-scheduling will be possible only if the child can be accommodated in another batch.
  • Toon Club reserves the right to omit/add sessions.
  • Some topics will require multiple sessions.
  • We reserve the right to postpone/cancel classes. Parents will be intimated in advance on such an event.
  • Animation films created by students will be given as a downloadable link in 10 days post completion of work by kids.
  • Films created at Toon Club cannot be used for commercial purposes. The Child / Parent / Guardian can showcase the films in print / video / film media for non-commercial promotional purposes only.
  • All course content, processes and materials are the exclusive copyright of Toon Club. They may not be annexed, appended or utilized in any course, project or report without prior written consent.
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