Summer cartoon film making workshop

Toon Club, brings to you ‘Saura Animation’ workshop in collaboration with Iteeha.

Iteeha (‘according to tradition’ in Sanskrit) seeks to uphold the spirit of folk arts & crafts in India. Team Iteeha will expose & train our students in the intricacies of  Saura tribal painting, which is associated with the Sauda tribals of the state of Odisha. Thereafter ours students will create their handdrawn animation with characters, props and backgrounds will be created in Saura art style.

This is a weekly Saturday animation workshop for children, and a part of our ‘Toon In On Saturdays’ program.

Group size is small (max 8 participants per batch); allowing each child to derive maximum hands-on experience

Age: 10 – 14 years

Dates: 4th April – 9th May 2020 (6 sessions/12 hours)

Fees: Rs 7950/- only (inclusive of all animation material)

Last date for registration 1st April 2020

“Summer CARTOON Film-making Workshop”:
The Acclaimed Award-winning Hand-drawn 12 session Animation Program designed along International lines, delves into various topics ranging from-
-History & definition of Animation
-Persistence of Vision
-Optical Devices- Thaumatrope, Phenakistoscope, Zoetrope, Flip books etc.
-Principles of animation & Simple laws of Physics
-Two techniques of animation- Clay animation & Pixilation
-And finally creating a cartoon movie

Each child will create 3 animation films using 3 different techniques

Age: 7 to 14 years

12 sessions (Mon-Fri)
Registration deadline: 3 days prior to workshop

Registration on first come-first serve basis. Limited 10 seats per batch!

Fees: Rs 10950/- only (inclusive of all animation material)

Benefits for Students

Research shows that Animation appeals to multiple intelligences and a broad variety of learners. Creating a animation movie allows students to use their artistic and creative talents to communicate and tell a story.

  • Creative Writing and Language skills  are engaged while writing the script. Principles of storytelling, story structure, characters and settings help children express themselves and experiment.
  • Mathematical, logical, and spatial skills  are used in organizing the visual project, sequencing the frames, timing and spacing drawings.
  • Science and Physics: Children apply the laws of the natural world to their animation. Persistence of vision, cameras /projection technology, laws of movement, velocity, gravity and metamorphosis are scientific principles that children are exposed to while understanding the principles of animation.
  • Art and Creativity is encouraged when students draw and animate their stories applying aesthetic principles of design, composition, contrast and visual symbols.
  • Motor skills: hand-eye coordination and the ability to repeat a drawing.
  • Registration will be on first come first serve.
  • No booking of seat will be deemed confirmed till the full fee isn’t paid.
  • Cost includes all animation material.
  • Money once paid will not be refunded.
  • For registration of Toon In On Saturdays, advance payment of fee has to be paid at least 4 weeks prior to commencement of next module in order to book seat.
  • For Toon In on Saturdays program, prior intimation of 4 weeks is to be in case a child plans to take a break in the following module so that his/her seat can be filled up by another child.
  • Students need to be punctual and consistent in attending classes.
  • Minimum 3 day prior notice has to be given if a child plans to miss a turn.
  • Topic missed shall not be covered.
  • 1 week prior notice has to be given if your child needs to re-schedule class. Re-scheduling will be possible only if the child can be accommodated in another batch.
  • Toon Club reserves the right to omit/add sessions.
  • Some topics will require multiple sessions.
  • We reserve the right to postpone/cancel classes. Parents will be intimated in advance on such an event.
  • Animation films created by students will be given as a downloadable link in 10 days post completion of work by kids.
  • Films created at Toon Club cannot be used for commercial purposes. The Child / Parent / Guardian can showcase the films in print / video / film media for non-commercial promotional purposes only.
  • All course content, processes and materials are the exclusive copyright of Toon Club. They may not be annexed, appended or utilized in any course, project or report without prior written consent.
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